Calculating Broiler Feed Conversion Ratio - FCR

Feed Conversion Ratio is a measurement for feed efficiency. Understating how to calculate it is an essential skill every poultry farmer should have.

Actually FCR is not just a feed efficiency measurement but also an economic factor that determines the cost of 1 kg of meat.

Calculating Feed Conversion Ratio

FCR = Total Feed Intake / Average Bird Weight

example: A broiler house at the age of 32 the average bird weight was 1.8 kg and the total average feed intake is 2.5 kg.

FCR = 2.5 (FEED) / 1.8 (WEIGHT)

FCR = 1.389

This number means for every kg of live weight we need 1.389 kg feed to produce.

You can compare your results with the standard values for the specific breed you have. For example if your flock is Ross 308 you can look up the FCR value at age of 32 days which is 1.41 and this mean we are doing better than the expected. 

Tips for Improving FCR

  1. Provide high quality feed.
  2. Use vitamins and minerals.
  3. Provide proper ventilation.
  4. Use calcium supplements.
  5. Make sure you have enough feeders and drinkers.
  6. Don't over-stock the birds.

Important Considerations

  1. FCR value can vary between flocks raised under different management environments such as open-sided houses and closed-sided houses.
  2. Different breeds have different FCR values for any given age.
  3. FCR value increases with age.