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We are agricultural company based on Jordan. We produce zeolite (Chabazite) from our own mines.

Our product got the third place according to INZA.  

What are the most important uses of zeolite?

استخدام الزيولايت للزراعة

Plant Production

Zeolite is used to improve soil properties such as reclamation of sandy or clay soil, raising production efficiency and greatly reducing water use due to the high ability of zeolite to absorb water. It is also used in the design of gardens and aquaculture.

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استخدام الزيولايت في قطاع الثروة الحيوانية

Animal Production

The uses of zeolite are not limited to plants, but also play an important role in the animal sector. For example, it can be used in feeding ruminants and in poultry bedding to prevent moisture in the bedding and reduce infections such as coccidiosis and leg and chest ulcers.

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Other Areas

Zeolite is one of the materials with countless uses. It can be used in various non-agricultural fields, such as air purification, water, chemical factories, nuclear radiation risk reduction, refrigeration, and many others.

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How does Zeolite (Chabazite) looks like?

Image of zeolite particles

The picture shows the shape of the zeolite material, and on the right is the shape of the zeolite granule, and it is clear from its shape the reason for its high ability to absorb and retain water. Where the high porosity of zeolite material allows the retention of water and nutrients to remain available to the plant for a long time, resistance to drought, and the reduction of the quantities and number of irrigation times by preventing evaporation and loss in the soil. Please note that there are several sizes of zeolite granules from 0 to 8 mm. You can order them now to suit different needs.

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